Kickstart your 2021


Day Challenge

Starting January 7th



Love Yourself Into The New Year!

Your Guide, Valérie Maraud

Breathing and Food Expert

Self love for 2021

In 21 days…

Be the priority in your life. 

Breathe Freedom.

Eat Peacefully. 

Love every breath. 

Love every bite. 

The key is loving kindness!

What to expect:

  • Daily bite sized guidance, tips and techniques to keep you focused.
  • Videos, meditations, and exercises to boost your system. 
  • Questions and prompts to journal with in your journey of self-care.

Where will this happen:

  • Beginning on January 7th through January 27th, join Valérie in her private Facebook group. Come daily for 21 days to receive your Self-Love, Amuse-Bouche for the day.

Cost: 21

Gift Yourself The Gift of Self Love.

Join Today and Kickstart Your 2021!

« Learning to breath differently has really helped me tap into my inner source. It’s a powerful tool that helps me get in touch with myself and feel the truth about what is really happening inside of me.  is.  Valerie’s a wonderful coach and I’m grateful for her work. »

Gabrielle B.

« With valerie I was able to discover and learn the relation between my emotions and my reation with food and others. I am much more peacefull and every day I now pay attention to my reactions around food. It was a wonderful experience for me. »

Sophie P.

Join Today and Kickstart Your 2021!

In 21 days…

Be at peace while eating the things you love!

Feel energised!

Learn techniques to optimise your life!

Start on the journey back to yourself TODAY!