Love your
body back
to life

I know what you’re going through.

This war you’ve raged for so long with eating.

Your desire for success and happiness is constantly overshadowed by this battle.

Like a constant black cloud over every day.


It’s time to banish it forever and here’s how:

There’s food. And then there’s you.

Then there’s the relationship you have with both.

This relationship is either un ‘amour cheri’ or an enemy with who you are in constant battle.


Are you ready for change?

Change comes from the everyday actions we take towards our highest good. I’ve created a simple resource to help you manage and shift your habits with food, helping you to move into a body you love.




Heartb’EAT brings your heart back into eating. That means loving the way you care for yourself with the best ingrediants, but also fun, playfulness and creativity.

The key is a loving mindfulness around your whole approach to meals and to banish all ’emergency measures’ like diets, cravings, binging or denial. 

There is no pressure to suddenly master healthy food cooking overnight.
This is really like a relationship between lovers where you get to know each other and draw together to make something beautiful and lasting.

“Hello beautiful body. Meet food. Food wants to cherish you forever.”
“Hello gorgeous food. Meet my body. My body wants to delight with every meal, naturally.”

This is not a quick overnight date. It’s a commitment for life. For your life!

It doesn’t mean you won’t dislike each other occasionally.

But you will love each other enough to quickly get back any eating
imbalances that might happen after holidays, parties, personal challenges
or upsetting events.
And like all true love, you don’t have to sweat at working this! It’s not a
struggle to cherish someone you love, it comes naturally!

With Heartb’EATING…

The food habits you know are for your highest good will be your new normal.

In that moment you will rejoice in the freedom and how it flows into every area of your life.

You’ll love your body back to life.

Bonjour, I’m Valerie

My mission is to guide you in a loving and caring way from beating yourself up harshly which just makes your food/body relationship even worse, to loving yourself back to the life and make eating a divine self care ritual and not a shame and stressful habit.

I’ve been where you are with this food battle. After overcoming many
issues in this ‘relationship ‘ and seriously upsetting my health and life-
balance, I realised that food wasn’t the enemy, nor my body, nor the diets or fads.

The enemy was that the relation I had with food and my body was not very healthy I had the feeling of being out of control which is so painful to so many people. It has nothing to do with lack of will-power and force.

It is all about ‘divorcing’ your old habits, falling in love with you, your body, your power AND what’s on your plate, whatever that is!


To help other woman who are going through this painful journey I have created a unique step by step process Heart b’EAT based on years of (my own) experience as well as giving numerous training and workshops in nutrition and breathwork over the past 10 years. Heartb’EAT is a step by step process and has been created to help you change your relationship with food and fall in love with your body!

Come and step into this new journey so that you can learn how to be at peace with food and love yourself …


Contact Valerie

To learn more about Heart’bEAT and how I can help you shift to loving yourself more and developing that same relationship with food, do get in touch. Merci 

    S’aimer soi-m’aime

    "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"

    Oscar Wilde